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My work is based on how different textures and surfaces interact. I have always been intrigued by textures. As a little girl I couldnít keep my hands off my mother quilts. When I was in nature playing was always touching the bark on the trees or the mud on the ground.  My work still revolves around a variety of surfaces. I am currently working on six series going that specifically explore textures and surfaces.  Iím exploring such techniques as cuttlebone, small weavings, marriage of metals, reticulation and hammered pieces with or without granulation, and beads that have concaved circles within the beads. Each series creatively seeks to clarify my use of actual and invented varied of textures.

Cuttlebone is so wonderful; it is used in a casting process that makes it very different from the rest of my series. I start out with cuttlebone and carve into the bone to make a mold. I then pour molten metal into the mold. Afterwards I take the casting and add other secondary elements that I construct. I love the look of these two elements together.

Weaving metals is an enjoyable process for me personally. Iíve been inspired by woven baskets and handwork such as delicate embroidery. When I make these pieces the look like little elements of baskets. I love producing jewelry in this series because the look so delicate and beautiful.

Marriage of metal is a colorful way for me to work with smooth textures. Iíve been doing some checkerboard pattering with some of my pieces. Then I add a completely different element to make the checkerboard more dramatic looking, I construct most of my marriage of metals in hollow forms. Making these pieces it hollow form gives the pieces mass and volume with I desire.

My reticulated pieces and hammered pieces are made with or without granulations and stunning. The reticulation has a lot detailed texture that resembles a birdís eye view of a mountain range.  The hammered pieces have a floral motif like look to them. I add constructed elements to the reticulated and hammered pieces which makes the more engaging. Some of the designs call for the elegant addition of granules, while others look finished without this additional touch.

In my bead series I make mostly copper beads that have a concaved circle of sterling silver inside them.  Sometimes pearls are places in the silver circle. And this design is often combined with other elements. It one of the most classic series I create with a very refined and smooth texture treatment.


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Home Gallery Resume Artist Statement Bio

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