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Arielle Brackett started making her jewelry at the age of four.  Some of her earliest work featured mediums such as scotch tape, bread ties, and tuna fish wrappers. Her art has evolved from various resources and influences.  She is inspired by the world around her. Several members of her family are artists. Her mother is an accomplished quilter and her father has a woodworking shop. When Arielle was ten, her mom’s quilting fascinated her. This led her toward the craft of beading where over the next ten years, she created many of her own original patterns and designs, always developing and expanding her skills. Her father’s power tools also intrigue her. “I loved watching my dad work with all the tools he had, and how dangerous they seemed to be. I loved the way his tongue would stick out as he concentrated on his project.”

            At age eighteen, before lighting her first torch, Arielle decided that she wanted to major in Jewelry and Metal Smithing. Her first class was a two-day workshop with Kim Harrell. It seemed as though all she accomplished was the art of replacing broken blades.  “I was surprised at how frustrated I was.” By the second week, she was getting the feel on how the blades could accomplish their task, and the frustration disappeared. Soon, she fell in love with the process, and decided that she had a passion for making these pieces of art.

Arielle attended both Metropolitan State College of Denver, and Arapahoe Community College in Littleton Colorado. But after one semester, she decided to attend Arapahoe Community College exclusively, where she is currently enrolled. She feels engaged by the quality of the program and plans to continue study at ACC.


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Home Gallery Resume Artist Statement Bio

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