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Artist Resume





My artistic objective is to create a diverse body of fine art jewelry that would appeal to art collectors as well as the general public.


Galleries & Shops

October 2007 – February 2009           Iris Gallery / Columbine Gallery: Littleton & Frisco CO.

September – October 2008                 “Lines into Shapes”: Estes Park, CO. (International, Juried Show)

March – April 2008                             Colorado Gallery of Arts: Littleton, CO. (Juried Show)

March – April 2007                             Colorado Gallery of Arts: Littleton, CO. (Juried Show)

April 2007                                           Jantzen Gallery: Littleton, CO.

February 2007                                     Littleton Historical Museum gift shop: Littleton, CO.

October – November 2006                 45 Degrees Framing and Gallery: Arvada, CO.

July 2006                                             910 Arts (One Day Showcase): Denver, CO.

March – May 2005                              Picasso Beads: Portland, OR.

September 2004 – May 2005              Mar’s Creations: Denver, CO.


Selected Shows & Fairs

June 2009                                            Kent Denver School art show and sale:  Cherry Hills, CO.

July 2008                                             Last Thursday: Portland, OR.

June 2008                                            Kent Denver School art show and sale:  Cherry Hills, CO.

September 2007                                  Taste of the Arts: Wheatridge, CO.

June – September 2007                       Littleton Art Festival: Denver, CO.

July 2007                                             Capsule Art Gallery: Denver, CO.

June 2007                                            Marketplace; Micro Business Development: Denver, CO.

May 2007                                            D-Note Fair: Arvada, CO.

March 2007                                         Smoky Hill High School Fair: Aurora, CO.

December 2006 & April 2007             Jewelry and Pottery Sale: Littleton, CO.

August 2006                                       Marketplace; Micro Business Development: Denver, CO.

April 2005                                           Last Thursday: Portland, OR.

June 2004                                            Highland’s Street Fair: Denver, CO.



Local Newspapers

December 2008                                “” Denver, CO.

September 2008                               “The Trail-Gazette” Estes Park, CO.

June 2008                                         “The Villager” Cherry Hills, CO.



April 2009                                           ACC juried student show (Honorable Mention in Jewelry and Metals): Littleton, CO.            

June 2007                                            Naja Design Completion: Denver, CO.

July 2007                                             DJ beads Contest (First Place in Necklace Design) Windsor, CO.

Selected Commission

June 2009                                            Wedding Pieces for bride and bride mates; Necklaces, earrings and ring: Portland, OR.

March 2007                                         A Piece from the Series; Woven: Littleton, CO.

June – August 2002                            An Installation at the Crisis Center: Denver, CO.


Professional Jobs in the Arts

June – July 2006                                 Arts Street: Denver, CO. (Working in groups with other artists on community art projects)

May 2005                                            Assistant Curator at Common Grounds: Denver, CO.

September – December 2004              Assistant Curator at Common Grounds: Denver, CO.

June – August 2002                            Arts Street: Denver, CO.



July 2009                                             Anchor Center for Blind Children: Wheatridge, CO.

July 2009                                             Austin’s Fundraiser: Portland, OR.

April 2008                                           Senior’s Resource Center: Denver, CO.

June 2007                                            “Jumpstart” Arts Street: Denver, CO.


Teaching Experiences

December 2008                                   Pauline Robinson Branch Library: Denver, CO.

October 2007                                      Arts Street Workshop: Denver, CO.

September – December 2004              Denver Academy of Technology and Arts: Denver, CO.

January – March 2004                         PS1 Charter School, Jewelry Class: Denver, CO.


Continued Education

August 2005 – Present                        Arapahoe Community College: Littleton, CO.

August – December 2005                   Metro State College: Denver, CO.


Selected Workshops & Classes

June 2009                                            Ian Roberts; Landscape Painting: Le Barroux, France          

March 2009                                         Harold O’Connor; Reticulation: Littleton, CO.

March 2008                                         Travis Ogden; Anticlastic Raising: Littleton, CO.

September 2007                                  Harold O’Connor; Reticulation & Granulation:  Littleton, CO.

Spring & Fall 2007                              Shep Waldman; Stone Setting: Littleton, CO.

January 2007                                       Harold O’Connor; Reticulation & Granulation:   Littleton, CO.

July 2005                                             COMA Conference: Salida, CO. 

September – December 2004              Denver Art League; Rock Carving: Denver, CO.

September 2004                                  Kim Herrell; Beginning Silversmithing: Aurora, CO.  

September 2004                                  Nana Mizushima; PMC: Denver, CO.



June 2009                                            ACC scholarship to paint in France: Le Barroux, France.



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Home Gallery Resume Artist Statement Bio

©2009 Arielle Brackett