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Arielle Brackett



from the series "Hammered with or without Granules"

Sterling silver, red jasper, and fresh water pearls


My work is based on how different textures and surfaces interact. I have always been intrigued by textures. As a little girl I couldnít keep my hands off my mother quilts. When I was in nature, playing was always touching the bark on the trees or the mud on the ground. 

My work still revolves around a variety of textures and surfaces.   Iím exploring such techniques as cuttlebone, small weavings, marriage of metals, reticulation and hammered pieces with or without granulation, and beads that have concave circles within the beads.

Each series creatively seeks to clarify my use of a variety of actual and invented textures, resulting in a unique piece of art.

Home Gallery Resume Artist Statement Bio

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